Restore the Chest to a Firm Contour

Male breast reduction removes the excessive growth of breast tissue and creates a contoured chest that is flatter and more masculine. 

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Gynecomastia is an atypical enlargement of the breast glands in males. Gynecomastia may be hereditary, due to a hormone imbalance, or from medications or anabolic steroid use. There are a variety of modalities to remove the excess glandular tissue and restore the chest to a firmer, flatter contour.

Areas addressed by Gynecomastia Surgery

  • Creates a flatter, firmer chest.

“I have recommended Dr. Izquierdo to many people since surgery. I really could not be happier with the care I received and my results!” 

– Male Breast Reduction Patient

Meet Dr. Izquierdo

Dr. Ricardo Izquierdo is a board-certified plastic surgeon and the President of Face And Body Plastic Surgery. He has gained expertise in all aspects of Cosmetic Surgery over the last 28 years. He has been named one of America’s Best Physicians in “The Guide to Top Doctors.” for more than 10 years.

By skillfully performing male breast reduction surgery and possible additional surgical treatments for the body Dr. Izquierdo strives to create a natural contour to the chest.

​”Our goal is to restore the chest to a firmer and toned contour.

Dr. Izquierdo’s Approach to Treatment

Dr. Izquierdo believe that the finest aesthetic outcomes are achieved through a close doctor/patient collaboration which is why he schedules extensive consultation with all of his patients.  Dr. Izquierdo takes the time to carefully evaluate each patient and learn about each patient’s aesthetic goals to develop an individualized surgical plan. 

What Other Patients Say

​​From start to finish the entire experience couldn’t have been easier. Consultations were never rushed. All aspects of surgery were discussed and I felt completely at ease with my decision. Two months after surgery and I couldn’t be happier.

I knew the minute I walked out of his office I would be using Dr. Izquierdo. I had met with 5 other doctors for the same surgery and he met all expectations start to finish.

Having surgery of any kind is scary, but Dr. Izquierdo is very comforting and reassuring making this very first elective experience easier.

Your Gynecomastia Procedure

Surgery for gynecomastia is not an uncommon procedure.  Male breast reduction surgery takes 1-2 hours and is performed in an out-patient surgical facility under general anesthesia.  Gynecomastia surgery can sometimes be performed by using only liposuction.   However many patients require an additional incision made around their areola to remove all of the excess breast tissue.

“Have had a wonderful experience from the first appointment all the way through from the office staff to Dr. Izquierdo. I feel wonderful and love my new look!”

Gynecomastia Recovery

Patients will wear a surgical compression vest  post operatively for several weeks.  Pain is relieved with pain medication.  Patients are seen 2-3 days after surgery and followed closely for several weeks to check on recovery and healing.  Patients can be back to work in typically 7-10 days, but are to avoid vigorous activities for 4-6 weeks.  Patients may slowly return to regular activities between the 3rd and 4th week post operatively

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