Face Lift and Neck Lift

Look Younger in an Elegant and Subtle Fashion

A facelift is designed to lift and smooth aging tissues and skin and to define contours.

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Face lift surgery makes your face and neck look smoother, younger and rejuvenated.Dr. Izquierdo’s goal is to enhance those areas that define an important contour: the jawline, neckline, and cheek in an elegant but subtle fashion that belies any of the signs of surgery.

Areas addressed by a Face Lift

  • Reduces sagging skin in the mid face.
  • Redefines your cheeks.
  • Reduces jowls for a better defined jawline.

“Dr. Izquierdo treated me with such care and patience. He was always available to answer my questions and I was able to get into see him if I had any concerns after my surgery. “

– Face Lift Patient

Meet Dr. Izquierdo

Dr. Ricardo Izquierdo is a board-certified plastic surgeon and the President of Face And Body Plastic Surgery. He has gained expertise in all aspects of Cosmetic Surgery over the last 28 years. He has been named one of America’s Best Physicians in “The Guide to Top Doctors.” for more than 10 years.

By skillfully performing facelift surgery Dr. Izquierdo strives to create rejuvenated, elegant, and subtle results.

​”Our goal is to enhance those areas that define an important contour: the jawline, neckline, and cheek in an elegant but subtle fashion that belies any of the signs of surgery.

Dr. Izquierdo’s Approach to Treatment

Dr. Izquierdo believes that the finest aesthetic outcomes are achieved through a close doctor/patient collaboration which is why he schedules extensive consultations with all of his patients.  Dr. Izquierdo takes the time to carefully evaluate each patient, learn about each patient’s aesthetic goals, and develop an individualized surgical plan. 

What Other Patients Say

​​From start to finish the entire experience couldn’t have been easier. Consultations were never rushed. All aspects of surgery were discussed and I felt completely at ease with my decision. Two months after surgery and I couldn’t be happier.

I knew the minute I walked out of his office I would be using Dr. Izquierdo. I had met with 5 other doctors for the same surgery and he met all expectations start to finish.

Having surgery of any kind is scary, but Dr. Izquierdo is very comforting and reassuring making this very first elective experience easier.

Your Face Lift Procedure

Face Lift surgery requires 3-4 hours of surgery in an out-patient surgical facility under general anesthesia. The face lift scars are typically located in the temple hair line and the folds in front and behind the ears.  At times Dr. Izquierdo may suggest surgery for the eyelids, forehead, and neck to produce a better balance of your facial features.  Liposuction may also be suggested to achieve a better contour of the neck and jowls.

“Beautiful results! Dr. Izquierdo did an amazing job and the office staff was extremely helpful and supportive. So happy I took the leap.”

Face Lift Recovery

You will be wrapped around your head and neck with a padded gauze dressing to minimize any movement of the face and neck. The operated areas will be swollen and may be bruised. You will see Dr. Izquierdo one day after your surgery and for several more office visits the first few weeks following surgery. Face lift scars are usually hidden, but scarring can be unpredictable. Light exercise may be started 2-3 weeks following surgery. Patients are advised to avoid strenuous physical exercise for the first month. Healing will continue over the next 3-4 months

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