Dermal Fillers

Regain your Youthful appearance

By adding volume back into your skin we can improve your facial contours. 

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Every day the structure of your face and supporting tissues are affected by the damage caused by gravity and the environment. Dr. Izquierdo’s practice uses hyaluronic acid fillers from Allergan® including Juvederm®,Voluma®, Vollure®, and Volbella®


JuvedermXC® is a hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring substance found in our skin. JuvedermXC® helps instantly restore skin’s natural volume and smoothes deeper facial wrinkles and folds.It produces an immediate result lasting from 6-12 months. Juvederm XC® comes pre-filled with lidocaine, a numbing agent to minimize discomfort. Patients can also be topically numbed in our office for further comfort. Facial areas benefitting from Juvederm XC® include: cheeks, marionette lines, and lips.Patients are advised of the possibility of bruising as the facial areas treated have a large concentration of blood vessels and are prone to bruising.


A new filler introduced, designed to soften the appearance of vertical lip lines and add subtle fullness to the lips. Results may last up to one year.


A hyaluronic acid filler for the correction of moderate to severe wrinkles and folds particularly the naso-labial folds. Results may last up to one year.


VolumaXC® is the first and only FDA approved filler to instantly add volume and subtly lift the cheek area. VolumaXC® contains a numbing agent, lidocaine to minimize discomfort during injections. Patients are advised ahead of time of the possibility of bruising. Results vary, but may last up to 1-2 years in patients.

​Brilliant Distinctions Program

Dr. Izquierdo’s office is associated with Allergan’s Brilliant Distinctions Program which rewards patients who use Botox®, Juvederm®, Voluma®, Latisse®, Vollure®, Volbella® and Skin Medica® products. Patients use their points to receive savings towards their future treatments.

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