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Your Consultation

Your consultation with Dr. Izquierdo will be 45-60 minutes in length so you will have ample time to discuss your concerns and questions with the doctor. There is a consultation fee for this first appointment. After the first consult many patients wish to have a second appointment to further discuss surgery and ask additional questions. Dr. Izquierdo welcomes these second appointments and there is never an additional charge to meet for a second time.

At your first appointment you will be provided with a written quote for any surgical procedure that you discuss with Dr. Izquierdo.

Dr. Izquierdo’s cosmetic surgeries are performed in a fully accredited out-patient surgical facility. Most patients are under general anesthesia for their surgery. Patients go home following their surgery and do not require an overnight hospital stay.

Consultations regarding Botox and filler injections are complementary with both Dr. Izquierdo and his nurse injectors. Consultations with his medical aesthetician to discuss skin care and skin products are also complementary.

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Office Information

Oak Brook Office

Face and Body Plastic Surgery, PC
2425 22nd St #213
Oak Brook, IL 60523


Naperville Office

Face and Body Plastic Surgery, PC
640 S Washington St #370
Naperville, IL 60540


Patient Forms

Patients may choose to complete the patient registration forms prior to their appointment with Dr. Izuierdo. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Patients may fill out the forms on their computer, save it, and then email the packet to:
  2. Patients may print out the forms to complete them and then bring to their appointment.

Patient registration packets are also available in Dr. Izquierdo’s office and can easily be completed at the time of your appointment.


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